Thursday, January 15, 2009

All About Me (and Cori Connors)

Yesterday, I was "tagged" by Cori Connors in her blog. Cori writes about her family. And not only writes about them, she writes songs and sings about them. I wish I had the talent (and the family) that I could write and sing about. Of course, if I sung, I would clear the room. But Cori has the sweetest voice in Christendom. And several years ago, she recorded what I think is the best Christmas CD in the entire world. I'm not kidding. The very best. I have to thank my dear friend El McMeen for sending "Sleepy Little Town" to me with a sticky note saying "This is the best Christmas CD ever." He was correct then and still is today.

So Cori wrote all of these things so that people would get to know her better. Things like favorite things of all sorts and some personal things too. At the end, she "tagged" me and said that now, I have to list these things myself. So, if you really want to know more about me, read on. If not, click over to or YouTube.

TV shows (and movies) I like
2. Pushing Daisies
3. Anything that Ken Burns produces
4. The Princess Bride
5. In The Good Old Summertime

Favorite restaurants
1. Adzema's Pharmacy (yes, they STILL have a lunch counter) Pittsburgh
2. Morton's Steakhouse (Anywhere)
3. Le Champignon (Philadelphia)
4. What's Cooking at Casey's (Oakmont, Pittsburgh)
5. Police Station Pizza (Bridgeville, Pittsburgh)
6. The Charcoal Pit (Wilmington, DE)
7. Jessop's (New Castle, DE)

Things I did yesterday
1. Practiced my whistles
2. Scheduled a mass to be said for someone
3. Recorded music for my dear friend Bobby D.
4. Froze my %$!! off
5. Got my oil changed and state inspection done
6. Went to lunch with Charlie Heaton, an organist of international fame and good friend

Things I look forward to
1. Travel to McLean, VA today to play music and to see all of my friends there
2. Seeing my friends Jay Ungar and Molly Mason this weekend
3. Seeing my friend Trish Siefert this weekend
4. Staying with the Marks' family, all who are very cool
5. Seeing my excellent friends Brian and Guy who are Ravens fans
6. Seeing the Pittsburgh Steelers go to the Super Bowl (and beat the Ravens on Sunday)
7. Recording a new CD
8. Spring, and time to ride motorcycles

Things I like about Winter
1. Nothing
2. Did I say "nothing"??
3. Absolutely nothing

Things on my wish list
1. To really "hit it off" with a special person
2. A new motorcycle
3. A constant pile of new tunes to play
4. Good health (that's pretty standard)
5. Having someone leave me a million bucks in their will
6. Make that 2 million
7. To hear God tell someone "Let me tell you about my friend Bob."
8. And to tell God "Let me tell you about all of my friends."

OK, that's it. But really, buy Cori's CDs. ALL of them. She does not know how to record junk. But if you only get one, get Sleepy Little Town along with a box of Kleenex. You'll need it.

So do I get to tag people now?


mike said...

Drive safely!

Cori said...

Yes, crazy man, you have to tag people! Sheesh, you say nice things and make me blush. Cut that out!
Go Stillers!